Past Projects

While most of the golf carts we sell here in middle and east Tennessee are stock cars with back seats installed or lights, McCulley's Golf Cars has done a variety of setups; lift kit installations on nearly every style golf cart, new bodies, custom bodies, cargo box installs, higher power motor and controller upgrades and much more.

Here are some pictures of some of the carts we have done:

Rebuilt Club Car DS

Inspired by one of our local high school's colors, this Golf Cart features Custom Seats with a Guardian Rear Seat, an Extended Top, New Body, and Adjustable Speed.


Lifted Blue Ezgo

The Owners of this EZGO Golf Cart were ready to sell this cart for almost nothing. With a little bit of time it turned out to be an awesome cart.

Additions included: new rear seat, tempest wheels and Sahara classic AT tires, Electric Blue TXT body and new headlight and tail light kit.

Club Car Precedent

This client wanted a cart that his family could ride around the house most of the year, but he could take out to a hunting lease during deer season.

Additions included: rear seat, 2" reciever, Jake's 3" spindle lift kit, 10" wheels and tires, Brush gaurd, and clays basket

club car precedent set up for family and hunting

Yamaha Electric Golf Cart

This 2012 Electric Yamaha Drive Golf Cart was lifted using a MJFX 6" A-Arm lift kit made by Madjax. McCulley's Golf Cars is an authorized retailer of all Madjax Products.

Additions included: new rear seat, 14" wheels and 23" Predator All terrain tires, 6' lift kit

EZ-GO TXT 48 volt Electric golf cart

This EZGO had a 5" Axel Drop Lift Kit installed with Tempest wheels and Sahara Classic AT Tires. McCulley's Golf Cars is a authorized dealer of all Jake' golf cart accessories.

Jake's products include Lift kits, Brush Guards, disk brake sets, 4 wheel drive kits and more

club car precedent set up for family and hunting

Club Car Precedent - High Torque Motor

This Electric Golf Cart was set up for the Hunt, designed for the off road trails. It had a whopping 25" tire and a High torque motor as well as a 500 amp controller that put plenty of power to the wheels.